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Cal’s Mega Trolling Kit

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Cal's Mega Kit Includes:

  • Flambeau Zerust Large 4004 Box
  • 6 Trigger Spoons
  • 6 Trigger Spoon Jrs
  • 6 Speed Spoons
  • 4 6" Fish Eye Dodgers In 4 Deadly Colors
  • 1 Turbo Flasher In Fire Tiger
  • 1 Minnow Plug
  • 2 Trolling Flies W/Action Discs
  • 5 3" Pearl Glow Grubs
  • 5 2" Fry Minnow Pattern Grubs
  • 1 Wedding Ring Spinner
  • 5 Swivels

Whether you are searching for trout in big reservoirs this summer or
stalking them in mountain lakes this kit will help you put more and
bigger trout into the boat! The center piece of the collection is a
generous assortment of our spoons and dodgers along with a sampling or
our Turbo Flashers, Trout Grubs, Flies, Grub Hooks, a 2 inch minnow
plug, a Wedding Ring Spinner and more!


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