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Frenzy Squid Kit

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Hoochies are deadly offerings for trout and kings, but most anglers limit themselves to small hoochies in the 1 ½ inch range. These small hoochies work, but what about the philosophy that states, big lures equal big fish?
Well the fact of the matter is that Cal Kellogg has been employing large hoochies in the 3 to 3 ½ inch range for a long time when big trout and jumbo kings are on the menu. Hoochies in this size range provide predators with a substantial looking meal with a slim easy to swallow profile.
Exclusively for the F.H.S. Productions store, Cal has put together a set of large 3 inch hoochies that he calls “Frenzy Squid”.
In the Frenzy Squid kit, you get 15 large hoochies in 5 fish tempting colors including Blue/Clear UV, Glow White Silver Flake, Green/Clear/Silver Flake, Orange/Yellow/Green and Pink/Silver Flake.
In addition to the tubes you get all the gear you need to rig them for fishing including 5 medium size Action Discs that give the hoochies that frantic frenzy action, 5 No. 4 Premium Red Trebles, 5 Pinch Open Stoppers and a 6-inch Chrome F.H.S. Fish Eye Dodger designed for the brisk trolling speeds Cal prefers.


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