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Minnow Tube Kit

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Cal Kellogg is a huge advocate of trolling hoochies and tubes for trout and salmon. He created quite a buzz when he introduced his signature series “Shad Tubes” for imitating the threadfin shad that inhabit many of our lakes.
Following up on the incredible reception his shad tubes received, Cal has unveiled his signature series Minnow Tube Kit offered exclusively by F.H.S. Productions.
The tubes measure 1.5 inches long and display a compact profile just like pond smelt and other slim bodied minnows that trout and kings often target.
With this kit, you get 25 Minnow Tubes in 5 different colors including Gold Glitter Chartreuse, Glow White, Silver Glitter White, Hot Pink & White and June Bug Smoke.
In addition to the Minnow Tubes you receive 5 premium red No. 8 trebles, 10 glow beads and a set of three 6-inch Fish Eye Dodgers designed for the fast trolling speeds Cal often advocates in Chrome, Brass & Hot Orange finishes.



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