Our Approach

Fish Hunt Shoot Productions aims to provide fresh, fun content to a broad reach of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our shows are informative, educational, and (hopefully) fun.

Our Story

Founded by Cal Kellogg and Wes Ward, Fish Hunt Shoot was designed to bring a new twist to traditional media.  Cal and Wes have decades of experience creating popular outdoor content for a variety of media outlets. Together, they have developed a truly unique experience for their viewers.

Meet the Team


Cal Kellogg

Co-Founder & Host

Cal has been an Outdoor writer for most of his adult life.  He has published a number of fishing and hunting related books and DVDs.  For the last 10+ years, Cal has been the Executive Editor of The Fish Sniffer Magazine.

kayak pic

Wes Ward

Co-Founder & Technical Guy

Wes, an avid angler, has been producing video, music, TV, and web based media since his teens.  His strong background in web development and coding landed him a job as the Digital Editor for The Fish Sniffer Magazine, where he has been working alongside Cal since 2011.