Our Story

Founded by Cal Kellogg and Wes Ward, FHS Fishing is the product of two regular guys with decades of combined experience in all things fishing as well as media production and publishing.  Inspired by the thought of helping trout anglers improve their skills, we developed a simple method of trout fishing using simple gear and simple tactics.   We operate out of a small shop.  All of our products are assembled and packaged in our HQ by hand.  In order to keep costs down, we don’t use fancy packaging or sale any products via retail.  Like our fishing method, our business model is simple: provide high quality tackle at a very competitive cost. 

Catch MORE and BIGGER Fish!

Meet the Team

Cal Kellogg

Cal has been an Outdoor writer for most of his adult life.  He has published a number of fishing and hunting related books and DVDs.  

Wes Ward

Wes, an avid angler, has been producing video, music, TV, and web based media since his teens.  He has been fishing since he was a kid.  Before kayaks were cool, Wes was kayak fishing all over the West Coast in both fresh and salt water.