FHS offers a number of Services to help you promote your product/ services across our media network.  

FHS Statistics
• Total Views: 2.2 Million
• Minutes Watched: 7 Million
• Average Monthly Views: 101,000
• Average Monthly View Time: 366,500 Minutes
• Subscribers: 7,500
• % Of Total Views By Subscribers: 20%
• % Of Total Views By Non-Subscribers 74.8%
• Viewer Gender: 95 % Male
• Viewer Age: 81.7% Between 25 & 65
• States With Most Viewers: California, Washington & Oregon
• Annual Fishing Expenditures By Anglers in California: $2.3 Billion
• 52% Increase in view in last 12 months

About FHS Host & Co-Owner Cal Kellogg

Cal is one of the most recognized outdoor communicators on the West Coast. His goal and philosophy of helping his fans catch more and bigger fish has resulted in a high level of trust within the fishing community.

  • 15 Years Executive Editor, Fish Sniffer Magazine
  • 200 + Nationally Published Fishing & Hunting Articles
  • 4 Fishing Books Published
  • 5 Fishing DVDs Produced
  • Numerous Guest Spots On Television & Radio

Embeded Static Advertising

We offer high impact banner advertising throughout our shows designed to maximize your exposure without being intrusive or disruptive to the viewing experience.  These ads are permanently embedded into the production and can not be skipped or closed by the viewer, and remain active long after the shows are broadcast.

Full Feature Commercials

Our design team has a long history of producing broadcast quality commercials for media.  These commercials are used throughout our shows during breaks and transitions.  The 10-20 second spots are embedded into the production and can not be skipped by the viewer, maximizing your brand exposure.

Full Featured Editorial

Product endorsement goes a long way towards building your brand, and Cal is the spokesperson you can rely on to introduce your product to a large audience.  Cal often goes in-depth on screen for the products he uses and believes in.  Some of our most successful advertisers rely on Cal’s endorsement to drive their sales.

target audience

More Views. Less Cost.

FHS Productions provides an outlet for advertisers to saturate a wide demographic of viewers without expensive or complicated media design and development.  Our platform is extremely cost effective and efficient at delivering your message.

Our Media Reach

  • 2.2M + Views since we started producing media on the YouTube Platform
  • 100,000+ views per month.
  • 300,000+ Watch Minutes per month.
  • Viewer Retention numbers 8X the YouTube average.

Interested in Advertising on our Media?

We offer a variety of advertising options to fit any budget.  Send us a note if you would like more info.

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