Eagle: Fall Rainbow Bite Comes To Life

Eagle: Fall Rainbow Bite Comes To Life
Eagle: Fall Rainbow Bite Comes To Life

Trout fishing is improving daily at Eagle Lake. We are still experiencing Indian Summer daytime temperatures, but the cooler temperatures at night are moving more and more fish into shallower water.
We are catching limits most trips of fish from 2 1/2 to 4 lbs. A few 5 lb Eagle Lake Trout have recently been landed.
The Eagle Lake Trout are on the bite all over the lake: From Pikes Point to Ronald McDonalds we are trolling flies. From Merrill to Christie Campgrounds we are trolling grubs and crawlers. Off Shrimp Island troll Needlefish. In Miners Bay troll Needlefish and flies. Off Pelican Point and the Youth Camp troll grubs and flies.
Recently the days have been cloudless with bright sunny skies. Therefore, the bite has been best early, before the bright sun hits the water. We are catching fish until 10 A.M. but at a slower pace then earlier in the morning. When we start getting cloud cover, the fish will often bite late into the day.- Tim Noxon, Fishtraveler Guide Service. To reach Tim, dial (916) 201-4648.

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  1. BARRY says:

    Thanks for the Collins lake trip, Too bad we didn’t catch anything but the conversation was well worth it. I see all these videos of you catching fish but no other people in the videos, so maybe you have never caught any of these fish. I have good information from Lucy that your saving the fish from capture for another day! Yes I need professenall help but that’s why I called you! All in fun, Hope to go out with you guys again if you think I”m not the bad luck guy!

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