Almanor: Trout Bite For Deep Water Trollers

Almanor: Trout Bite For Deep Water Trollers
Almanor: Trout Bite For Deep Water Trollers

The calendar shows fall is a few short weeks away, my thermometer says different. We are expecting temps to reach the 100 degree mark today and tomorrow with temps dropping into the 80’s the balance of the week.

Water temps continue to hover in the mid-seventies and lake level continues to drop. We expect the water level to drop feet not inches over the next few months, navigational hazards such as Dakasu Islands, located in the middle of the lake off Rocky Point Campground and Flag Island also known as Goose Island, are well known by locals, both are extremely dangerous especially during hazy/windy low visibility conditions.

It’s no secret fish are congregating in deep water in search of cooler water. They continue to feed on pond smelt and trollers are catching quality fish both fast and slow trolling.

Gulp! and crawlers at 1 mph on a size 8 hook 40 + feet on the wire will work as will Speedy Shiners trolled between 2.5-3 mph. With hardware stagger depths and colors as both change daily with and as always have at least one forty-niner color on at all times.

Start at the typical deep water spots such as Rec#1 to Big Cove, Big Springs to Dorado and the East Shore and stay on the fish when you find them. Hamilton Branch remains the only legitimate chance for bank fishermen to catch trout.

The bass bite remains tough and most likely will stay tough until we get a break from the heat and water temps begin to drop.-John Crotty, Quail Lodge.


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