Eagle Lake: Fly & Grub Trollers Score!

Eagle Lake is virtually the same temperature from top to bottom and the trout fishing is really ramping up as a result.
“I fished Eagle Lake for 3 days last week with my brother Mark and we landed a total of 17 trout from about 2 pounds to 4.5 pounds. We kept three fish to eat and let the rest of the rainbows go. The water temperature was about 63 degrees on the surface and the thermocline is gone,” reported Rex Stanford of Sacramento.
“We started out trolling fast with Speedy Shiners and only got one bite. We slowed down and started pulling Cal Kellogg’s FHS grubs and trolling flies at 1.5 mph. We started hooking up almost immediately. We worked a variety of depths off the Eagle’s Nest and caught trout from the surface to 32 feet deep,” related Stanford.
“Pink grubs and pink and white flies worked the best, but we got fish on white flies, glow grubs and olive green grubs too,” Stanford concluded.

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